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Last Updated • Tuesday, January 12, 2021

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My shop will be using Larson’s Essentials and Essentials II line:

Larson Juhl Essentials
Black 80901
White 80900
Gold 80902
Silver 80903

Larson Juhl Essentials II
Light Wood 80914
Dark Wood 80917

If you wish to get these samples, you can contact your Larson Juhl sales rep, or I can send
you some from my shop’s stock. Click here to order 2-3” chips.

Alternate from Roma Moulding
Black 10771000
White 10771009
Gold 10771303
Silver 10771054
Light Wood 2032083
Dark Wood 2032008

Alternate from International Moulding
Black (?)
White 2400-10
Gold (?)
Silver (?)
Light Wood 1605-95
Dark Wood 1605-85

Alternate from Omega Moulding:
Black 83959
White 83960
Gold 84182
Silver 83961
Light Wood 84005
Dark Wood 84008

If you find an alternative number from another vendor, let me know and I will add it to the list here.

My shop will be using:
Larson Juhl AQW2101 (Arqadia Production Dove White Core)
Crescent Berkshire BW222 (Smooth White White Core)
or you can use any white mat you like. This is up to your discretion.

For Glazing:
Standard is Standard Float Glass 2mm or Tru Vue Premium Clear Glass
Invisible Glass is: Tru Vue Ultra Vue Anti Reflective Glass or ArtGlass AR70
UV Protective Glass is: Tru Vue Conservation Clear Glass or ArtGlass AR99

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I will be creating templates for you on Canva this week. You can then add your own slogan,
logo, and use it for social media posts and ads.
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I will post tutorials on how to use this service in February 2021.
This needs to be attached to my credit card or my Paypal account, so please do not abuse it. I
reserve the right to remove access to this service if it gets abused.

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